摘要Writing a New Chapter in Opening Up


III. Strategic arrangements for expanding China’s opening up文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/7523.html




1. Promoting international cooperation within the Belt and Road Initiative文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/7523.html


We need to uphold the principle of shared growth through discussion and collaboration, and ensure that the Belt and Road Initiative carries great practical significance, progresses steadily, and endures in the long run. We need to strengthen connectivity of development strategies, markets, industries, and projects with relevant countries, improve mechanisms for the facilitation of trade and investment, invigorate market entities, and guide enterprises toward more effective cooperation. We should make in-depth and careful efforts to ensure optimal and meticulous implementation of major cooperation projects, as this will enhance their overall efficacy. We will launch the “Pearls of the Silk Road” demonstration projects, develop “Silk Road e-commerce,” raise the levels of trade and investment cooperation with relevant countries, and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, so that more countries and people can enjoy the benefits brought by the Belt and Road Initiative.文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/7523.html




2. Building China into a leading trade nation


We will accelerate the transformation of foreign trade drivers and structure, foster new competitive advantages, facilitate high-quality development of foreign trade, and create strong brands for Chinese commodities and services. We need to create new modes and models of business, raise the levels of trade liberalization and facilitation, and promote the innovative development of trade in the service industry. In addition, we will actively expand imports to ensure balanced trade.




3. Actively and effectively utilizing foreign investment


We will implement optimal policies for the liberalization and facilitation of investment, expanding the scale of utilized foreign investment and enhancing its quality and level. While significantly easing market access, we will fully implement the management system based on pre-establishment national treatment and a negative list. We will open up the financial sector in a steady manner, the service industry at a continual pace, and the agricultural, mining, and manufacturing industries in a thorough fashion. We will also better guide the utilization of foreign investment, support its innovative development, and encourage it in mergers and acquisitions. We will advance the innovation and upgrading of national development zones, and strengthen the role of important platforms for utilizing foreign investment. In addition, we will increase efforts to protect intellectual property rights as well as the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors, thereby creating a favorable and attractive business environment.




4. Guiding the healthy development of outward investment


We will create new pathways for outward investment, and continue to encourage strong, credible enterprises to go global. We will guide the overseas operations of Chinese enterprises, create Chinese brands for investment, and establish an image of Chinese investment.




5. Improving the layout of opening up in various regions


We will develop pilot free trade zones of high standards and high quality and grant them greater autonomy in reform, delve further into the exploration of differentiated regional policies, and enhance efforts to spread the experience gained through pilot reforms in other areas. We will explore the opening of free trade ports with Chinese characteristics, and establish new strongholds of higher-level opening up that are characterized by more favorable business environments and a greater spillover effect. We will implement strategies for coordinated regional development such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration and the Yangtze River Economic Belt initiative, and promote the development of the Xiongan New Area and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. We will boost efforts to open China’s western region wider to the outside world, improve the infrastructure of ports and cross-border transportation there, and develop platforms for regional opening up such as border and cross-border economic cooperation areas.




6. Deepening multilateral and bilateral economic and trade relations


We will firmly uphold the rules of the WTO and support the multilateral trading system. We will facilitate the development of free trade zones, promote regional economic integration and negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, and accelerate discussions on free trade agreements and investment treaties with relevant countries and regions. We will also raise the level of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and tap into the existing potential for cooperation with other countries. We will resolutely oppose protectionism in all its forms and actively respond to economic and trade frictions to guarantee a sound external environment. We will support the mechanisms of the G20, APEC, and BRICS in playing a greater role, and push for the global economic governance system to develop in a more just and equitable direction.

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