摘要Remarks by Wang Yi to the Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance 2023


共建和平安宁、公平正义、清洁美丽、 繁荣昌盛的海洋家园文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14963.html

Working Together to Make Our Oceans a Peaceful, Tranquil, Clean and Beautiful Home with Fairness, Justice and Prosperity文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14963.html



– Remarks by H.E. Wang Yi at the Opening Ceremony of the Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance 2023文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14963.html



November 8, 2023文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14963.html




Distinguished Guests,





Good morning! I am delighted to attend the opening ceremony of the Symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance 2023. On behalf of the Chinese government, I extend warm congratulations on the opening of the Symposium and warm welcome to representatives from different countries and international organizations, experts, scholars and friends from the media attending the event.




Oceans are important foundation for humanity’s survival and development, and a natural arena for exchanges between civilizations. It is the shared aspiration of all countries and the prevailing trend of our times to strengthen maritime cooperation and improve ocean governance. Meanwhile, the world today is far from tranquility. Maritime development faces unprecedented risks and challenges: Cold War mentality and zero-sum game are threatening peace and stability at sea; climate change and overexploitation are undermining the ocean’s sustainable development; environment pollution and willful discharge are damaging the clean and beautiful marine environment; and natural disasters and illegal activities of piracy are disrupting the tranquility and order of the oceans.




Oceans are the common home of humanity, whose development and preservation require our joint efforts. With great foresight and for the common interests of China and the world and the well-being of humanity, President Xi Jinping proposed the important vision of building a maritime community with a shared future, charting the course for global ocean governance and providing China’s solution to developing and protecting the beautiful and prosperous oceans as our home. To that end, we propose the following.




Staying committed to dialogue and consultation and safeguarding maritime peace and tranquility. Peace and tranquility at sea bears on all countries’ security and interests. It is important to take the legitimate concerns of all countries seriously, settle disputes and disagreements through dialogue and consultation, continuously improve emergency communication mechanisms and step up regional security cooperation, so as to build solidly grounded and truly lasting maritime security. Disputes over maritime territory and rights and interests that are left from history should be resolved through friendly consultation between parties directly concerned. Bloc confrontation and zero-sum game at sea must be firmly rejected. China will continue to work with ASEAN countries to fully and effectively implement the DOC, agree on a COC at an early date, and foster a peaceful and secure order in the South China Sea.




Upholding fairness and justice and improving the ocean governance system. Ocean governance would not be possible without common rules, and rules must be rooted in fairness and justice to be effective. We should practice true multilateralism and promote just and reasonable international ocean governance. China will firmly uphold the U.N.-centered international system and the international order based on international law. It will continue to comprehensively participate in the maritime rulemaking and implementation of governance mechanisms under the U.N. framework, and earnestly honor its obligations under the international law of the sea including UNCLOS. Meanwhile, many new issues and challenges have arisen in the implementation of UNCLOS which came into force nearly 30 years ago. We need to take a fact-based approach, keep abreast with the times and further develop the Convention to make it more equitable.




The South China Sea arbitration is an example of political manipulation of the international rule of law of the sea. Since then, it has undermined the atmosphere for maritime peace and cooperation in the region, eroded the basic values of fairness and justice, and should be a cause for alarm and be rejected by the international community.




Prioritizing ecological conservation to preserve clean and beautiful oceans. Sustainable development of humanity to a great extent depends on the health of the ocean. As President Xi Jinping puts it, “we should cherish the ocean as we treat our lives.” China attaches great importance to the conservation of marine ecology, pursues a green and low-carbon path to development that prioritizes ecological conservation, commits itself to tackling climate change and enhancing mitigation and preparedness of disasters, and opposes the discharge of nuclear contaminated water, making its own contribution to sustainable development of the ocean in the world. China took an active part in negotiations on the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction Agreement (BBNJ Agreement) and was among the first to sign it. China will adhere to the sustainable use of fishery resources, continue the fishing moratorium arrangements and take resolute countermeasures against illegal fishing.




Pursuing mutually beneficial cooperation for maritime prosperity. The oceans connect the world, and should be a bond that facilitates exchanges and cooperation among countries, not a block that decouples, disrupts supply chains or isolates one from another. We should uphold the vision of mutually beneficial cooperation so that all parties can share development opportunities and achievements. Based on the principle of planning together, building together and benefiting together, China will work with all parties to pursue high-quality Maritime Silk Road cooperation and Blue Economy Partnership. China will continue to step up infrastructure cooperation with other countries on such fields as ports and submarine fiber optic cables, safeguard the safety of sea routes, and steadily enhance maritime connectivity.








Since ancient times, the Chinese people have cherished the pursuit of “tranquil seas, clear rivers and a peaceful world,” and the open mind as tolerant as the ocean as it is “vast enough to admit hundreds of rivers.” Upholding the vision of building a maritime community with a shared future, we are ready to work with the international community for peaceful, prosperous and beautiful oceans shared by all countries.




I wish the forum a full success! Thank you.

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