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I. Improving Global Governance: A Chinese Initiative Responding to Common Challenges文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/15379.html



  1. A Resounding Call to Address Global Challenges



  1. A Global Aspiration for a Brighter Future



  1. An Intrinsic Requirement of Chinese Modernization



II. Standing for Mutual Appreciation: A Chinese Proposition Resonating Globally



  1. The Essence of a Global Community of Shared Future



  1. The Cultural Origins of a Global Community of Shared Future



  1. The Contemporary Significance of a Global Community of Shared Future



III. Benefiting the World: A Chinese Practice Serving the Well-being of All Humanity



1. Steady Progress in Building a Global Community of Shared Future at Various Levels and in Multiple Areas



2. The Belt and Road Initiative as a Platform for Implementing the Global Community of Shared Future



3. Three Global Initiatives as Strategic Guidance for a Global Community of Shared Future




Throughout its development and progress, human society has given rise to diverse civilizations and systems. In light of this, how can we coexist and forge ahead as we collectively inhabit planet Earth, the sole abode of humanity?




In March 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping put forward the concept of a global community of shared future. As explicitly stated in the Report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a global community of shared future represents the path ahead for all the people of the world. It envisions a world where “all things flourish and nourish each other without harm; paths run parallel and coexist without conflict.” It is only when all nations follow the Great Way – living in harmony and engaging in cooperation for mutual benefit – that sustained prosperity and guaranteed security can be achieved.




Over the past 11 years, the concept of a global community of shared future has undergone continuous enrichment and development, with its theoretical framework growing increasingly robust. Its contemporary significance and timeless values have radiated brightly, serving as an inexhaustible wellspring of thoughts that guide the advancement of our era.




Over the past 11 years, the endeavor to build a global community of shared future has evolved from a Chinese initiative to an international consensus. Increasingly, countries and peoples have recognized that this concept resonates with the common interests and values of all humanity, and has the potential to catalyze the greatest synergy among nations in creating a better world. As a testament to its visionary nature, this concept has been repeatedly incorporated into the documents of the United Nations and other international organizations, garnering deep appreciation and support from leaders of numerous countries and international organizations.




Over the past 11 years, the pursuit of a global community of shared future has been translated into concrete practices, yielding fruitful outcomes. International cooperation, exemplified by initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative, has flourished. The building of bilateral and multilateral communities of shared future has witnessed steady progress. Through the advancement of various initiatives such as a global community of health for all, a community with a shared future in cyberspace, a community of shared future for nuclear security, a maritime community with a shared future, a community of life for humanity and nature, a community of all life on Earth, a global community of development, and a global community of security for all, a multifaceted framework and tangible strategies have been put in place to drive the construction of a global community of shared future.


推动构建人类命运共同体,是习近平外交思想的核心理念,体现了中国共产党人的世界观、秩序观、价值观,指明了世界文明进步的方向。它既是马克思主义“真正的共同体”(die wirkliche Gemeinschaft)思想的发展运用,也是对中华优秀传统文化的传承弘扬,回响着世界不同文明中古老智慧和共同追求的历史共鸣。


A global community of shared future is the core tenet of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy. It encapsulates the worldview, life philosophy, and value system upheld by the Communist Party of China, while shedding light on the trajectory of global civilization. It represents the evolution and application of the Marxist notion of a “real community” (die wirkliche Gemeinschaft) and the continuation of the rich traditional Chinese culture and resonates with the wisdom of ancient times and the shared aspirations of diverse civilizations across the globe.




A global community of shared future stands as an inherent  imperative for China’s path to modernization. With nearly one-fifth of the world’s population, China is intricately interconnected with the global community. In its pursuit of modernization, China actively contributes to a future that  encompasses  lasting peace, universal security, shared prosperity, openness, inclusiveness, and environmental sustainability. The belief that “China can only do well when the world is doing well; when China does well, the world will get even better” underscores the conviction that China’s progress is intertwined with the well-being of the entire world. The vision of a global community of shared future not only aligns with China’s own development aspirations but also exemplifies its sense of responsibility as a major country.




“In this world, countries are interconnected and interdependent to an unprecedented degree. Humanity, by living in the same global village in the same time and space where history and reality meet, have increasingly emerged as a community of shared future in which all people have in themselves a little bit of others.” Fostering a global community of shared future is intricately tied to the future of all individuals, nations, and peoples. It represents a concrete endeavor for the ultimate future of humanity and serves as a profound moral compass for the preservation of civilization.