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摘要Message by Audrey Azoulay for the International Day of University Sport 2023

International Day of University Sport 2023

Message from Ms. Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, on the Occasion of the International Day of University Sport文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14858.html



20 September 2023文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14858.html



“Ultimately, to talk about football is to talk about an entire aspect of humanity”. The International Day of University Sport is an opportunity to remember that these words, spoken by the Swiss writer Georges Haldas, are true not only of football, but also of all sports in general.文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14858.html


“谈足球,其实就是在谈某种层面的人性”。国际大学生体育运动日为我们提供了一个契机,让我们再次认识到,瑞士作家乔治·霍尔达斯(Georges Haldas)的这番话不仅适用于足球,也适用于所有体育运动。文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/14858.html


For, through sport, emotions are shared and values are transmitted within universities.




Sports allow students to share in the ideals of respect, solidarity, mutual understanding and self-improvement.




Since they were first held, in 1923, the World University Games have been guided by these ideals. In these times of trouble and doubt, when – more than ever – the practice of sports is a means of respite and social cohesion, it is especially important to foster a spirit of unity and humanity through sport.




In this connection, universities must remain places for the promotion of quality physical education which is accessible to all, without distinction.




UNESCO, as the lead United Nations agency involved in sport and physical education and as a partner of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), is particularly interested in promoting inclusivity in sport.




The Fit for Life programme, which UNESCO has been running since November 2021, is fully in line with this approach. It gathers global reference data on sport and advocates its practice by as many people as possible.




These data have made shone a light on the progress made in this field: physical and sports education is now a compulsory subject in over 85% of primary schools. However, more work needs to be done: 57% of the countries in the world allocate less than 2% of their national education budgets to physical education.




To ensure progress, the Fit for Life initiative has been equipped with an operational component. In this progressive spirit, at the seventh International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS VII), held from 26 to 29 June 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan, the participants pledged to act collectively, through the Fit for Life Alliance, to achieve the initiative's five shared objectives. These objectives are as follows: to increase the participation of one and all in sports; to support the establishment of effective public policies; to make sport a tool for young people's emancipation and equality; to support the training of sports educators and coaches; and to promote investment aimed at encouraging the practice of sport.


为了满足这些需求,“健康生活”倡议还备有操作层面的内容。正是本着这一精神,在 2023年6月26日至29日于阿塞拜疆巴库举行的第七届国际体育教育与体育运动部长和高级官员会议(MINEPS VII)上,与会者承诺通过“健康生活”联盟采取集体行动,以实现该倡议的五个共同目标:提高全民对体育运动的参与;支持制定有效的公共政策;使体育成为青年解放和平等的工具;支持体育教育工作者和教练人员的培训;促进旨在推动体育活动的投资。


“Mens sana in corpore sano”: a healthy mind in a healthy body. This ideal, articulated by the Roman poet Juvenal, is pursued every day at our universities, places of both intellectual and athletic development.


“健全的精神寓于健全的身体”(Mens sana in corpore sano):古罗马诗人尤维纳利斯的这一理念,每天都在我们的大学这一开展智识和体育教育的场所得以践行。


University stadiums, tennis courts and gymnasiums are places of sharing, peace and solidarity. In a period marked by uncertainty, their role in bringing about a more just society is therefore a decisive one.



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