Full Text: Winning the Battle Against the Invisible Coronavirus Enemy Will Take Confidence and Solidarity




    On February 19, 2020, Hill Times published a signed article by Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu titled “Winning the battle against the invisible coronavirus enemy will take confidence and solidarity”. Here is the full text:



    Winning the Battle Against the Invisible Coronavirus Enemy Will Take Confidence and Solidarity




    The pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus has aroused world-wide public attention. At the moment, the Chinese government and people are making all-out efforts and racing against the clock to fight the epidemic.


    As a common challenge for human beings, the epidemic requires the joint efforts of the international community.




    China is making tangible efforts to battle the epidemic, by establishing an all-around and multi-level epidemic prevention and control system, centring on Wuhan City and Hubei province, and covering the central to the local level. The work of all aspects is advanced in an open, transparent, scientific, and orderly manner. At a media briefing held in Geneva recently, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus commended the Chinese government for its solid political resolve and timely and effective measures in dealing with the epidemic. He also said that President Xi Jinping’s personal guidance and deployment show the great leadership capability.




    According to the latest data from the National Health Commission of China, patients who have been cured and discharged from hospital in China’s mainland outstripped fatal cases. As of Feb. 17, the daily increase of confirmed cases in China (excluding Hubei) has been declining for 14 days in a row. In Wuhan, the number of newly confirmed cases witnessed a sudden surge on Feb. 12, which resulted from a revision in the diagnosis criteria. Patients now can receive standardized treatment as early as possible and the success rate of treatment could be improved.




    Thanks to China’s institutional advantages, more than 30,000 medical workers have been sent to Hubei to assist epidemic control since the outbreak. In less than 15 days, two makeshift hospitals were completed. A number of mobile cabin hospitals, which receive mild cases, have been put into operation. This greatly increases the rate of hospitalization and strengthens the capability of medical treatment.


    Acting in an open, transparent, and responsible manner, China has promptly notified relevant parties of the epidemic and shared its genome sequence. We are working around the clock to allow time for global preparedness.


    Meanwhile, there are limited new coronavirus cases outside of China, and the spread of the virus has been effectively contained. This all comes down to China’s efforts in preventing and controlling the spread of the epidemic.




    The WHO has designated COVID-19 as the official name for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The director-general said the name does not refer directly to a geographical location, an animal, an individual, or group of people to prevent stigmatization.


    We have noticed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has publicly opposed the stigmatization of Chinese people on many occasions, and we praise Canada for respecting authoritative and professional WHO recommendations and for not imposing restrictive measures such as travel bans on China.


    The WHO advance team of international experts led by Canadian epidemiologist Dr. Bruce Aylward is welcome to China. We expect them to contribute their knowledge, and work closely with their Chinese counterparts to overcome the difficulties at an early date.


    Meanwhile, the Chinese government will treat all foreign nationals as its own and safeguard the security and health of all foreign nationals in China, including Canadian nationals, and will address their rational concerns promptly.




    China’s effort to fight the epidemic is in our own interests, as well as in the interests of the world. Therefore, supporting and helping China means safeguarding the common interests of the world.