摘要Key Concepts in The Governance of China IV (16)




multitiered social security system文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/15157.html




译文:We need to develop a fair, unified, sustainable, and multitiered social security system that covers both urban and rural areas and forms a tight-knit safety net for the entire population.文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/15157.html



law-based governance in social security文章源自英文巴士-https://www.en84.com/15157.html




译文:We should advance law-based governance in social security. Social security should be strengthened in legislation, law enforcement, judicature, and law observance. Its healthy development should be guided by the rule of law.



targeted approach to social security management




译文:We should take a more targeted approach to social security management. Aiming for high efficiency in social security governance, improvements should be made to the management and services network at the central, provincial, city, county, and township/subdistrict levels, with greater attention to the precision of management and the quality of services.



system of public health services




译文:Special emphasis was laid on preventing and controlling serious epidemic diseases and steadily developing the system of public health services.



disease prevention and control system




译文:The disease prevention and control system is an important guarantee, protecting and safeguarding public health, and maintaining social and economic stability.



system for medical treatment during major epidemics




译文:We should improve the system for medical treatment during major epidemics. Treatment of Covid-19 patients is a challenging test for our nation’s medical services, developed over the past 40 years since the launch of reform and opening up. It also tests the results of building key medical specialties that have developed over the past 20 years, and the reform of the medicine and healthcare system that has unfolded over the past 10 years.



fuller and higher-quality employment




译文:We have promoted fuller and higher-quality employment, established the world’s largest education, social security and healthcare systems, and remarkably improved the living environment of our people.



well-rounded education




译文:We will develop well-rounded education and promote equal access to education.



to optimize the distribution of educational resources across regions




译文:To serve regional development strategies, we will optimize the distribution of educational resources across regions and accelerate the creation of an education model. We must move faster to integrate education across the country, and create an environment in which the eastern region, the central region and the western region progress together in educational development.



mechanism to promote lifelong learning for all




译文:We will improve the mechanism to promote lifelong learning for all, and build a more flexible lifelong learning system with richer resources and easier access.



to build China into a strong sporting nation




译文:We will endeavor to build up the physique and improve the physical fitness and the quality of life of the whole nation. We will fully leverage the important role of sports in advancing well-rounded development of the person. We will continue to boost reform and innovation in promoting sports. We will strengthen research and development in sports science and technology. We will improve public fitness programs and encourage the public and in particular the young people to keep fit through sports. We will promote China’s overall strength and performance in sports, increase its international competitiveness, and redouble our efforts to build China into a strong sporting nation.



social governance (system) based on collaboration, participation, and common interests




译文:We must optimize social governance based on collaboration, participation, and common interests, synergize government efforts with public self-regulation and community-level self-governance, and build a community of social governance in which everyone fulfills their responsibilities and shares in the benefits.



grassroots social governance




译文:We must develop and adopt new approaches to grassroots social governance, and energize all the “cells” of society. Conflicts and disputes should be resolved when they first arise so that harmony and stability can be maintained at the grassroots.



to promote social fairness and justice




译文:Committed to the people-centered philosophy of development in our drive for modernization, we have proactively addressed regional divides, disparities between urban and rural areas, and the gap in income distribution. We have promoted social fairness and justice, worked towards common prosperity for all our people, and stood firmly against polarization between rich and poor.






As a social safety net, an income distribution regulator, and an economic shock absorber, social security is of overarching importance to national stability and governance.




The economy and social security are like water and a boat – shallow water allows for a small boat, and deeper water allows for a larger boat. If this rule is not respected the boat may be swamped, or run aground.




We should be forward-looking in planning for social security during the 14th Five-year Plan period and beyond.




Education is a matter of great significance to the country and the Party.

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