What we have achieved once again demonstrates that with Comrade Xi Jinping, who is at the core of both the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the whole Party, charting the course, and with the unity and resolve of all the members of the Party and the whole nation, we can surely overcome all difficulties and obstacles as we forge ahead and advance with even greater vigor socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.




    At the plenary meeting, the Party Central Committee fully recognized the decisive achievements China has made in finishing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The 13th Five-Year Plan period has witnessed major breakthroughs in deepening sweeping reforms, important accomplishments in advancing all-round law-based governance, significant achievements in enforcing full and rigorous governance over the Party and faster progress in modernizing China’s system of and capacity for governance. The Party leadership and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics have further grown in strength. China has made qualitative leaps in economic, technological and composite national strength. China has maintained overall stable economic performance. The economic structure has steadily improved. It is projected that China’s GDP will pass the 100 trillion RMB mark by the end of 2020.




    The goals laid out in the 13th Five-Year Plan will soon be met. A moderately prosperous society in all respects is in sight. The Chinese nation has made a new big stride toward its great rejuvenation. Socialist China now stands taller and stronger in the East.




    We, the entire Party and all the Chinese people, must work harder and press ahead without letting up to win the battle against extreme poverty, finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieve the first Centenary Goal within the time frame set. This will lay a solid foundation for us to embark on a new journey toward fully building a modernized socialist country.




    Both for now and some time to come, our country is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development; but there are new developments and changes in the opportunities and challenges that we face.




    China has transitioned to a stage of high-quality development featuring significant systemic strengths, improved performance in governance, sound long-term economic fundamentals, a solid material foundation, rich human resources, vast market potential, strong economic resilience and social stability.




    On the other hand, China still faces an acute issue of unbalanced and inadequate development. Reform in priority areas and key links remains a formidable task. China’s capacity for innovation cannot yet meet the need of pursuing high-quality development. The foundation of agriculture is not yet solid. There are still large development disparities between rural and urban areas and between regions as well as in income distribution. We have a long way to go in protecting the environment. In work on public wellbeing and social governance, there are still areas where we fall short.




    All of us in the Party must keep in mind both the broad strategic goal of national rejuvenation and the profound changes never seen in a century in the world. We should fully appreciate the new circumstances created and new tasks set by changes in the principal issues in Chinese society and fully recognize the new problems and new challenges emerging in the fluid international landscape. We should be better able to identify opportunities and be most mindful of risks. We should base our work on China’s conditions, namely, our country is still in the primary stage of socialism, maintain strategic resolve, and manage our own affairs well. We should gain a full understanding of the laws governing development, be ready to fight and deal with worst-case scenarios, correctly recognize, properly manage and actively seek changes, so as to create opportunities amid crises and open up new ground in a changing environment. We must seize opportunities, face up to challenges, seek benefits while avoiding pitfalls, and forge ahead.




    At the plenary meeting, the Party Central Committee set the following long-term goals for basically realizing China’s socialist modernization by 2035: China’s economic and technological strength as well as composite national strength will have increased significantly. China’s GDP and per capita income of urban and rural residents will have grown significantly. China will have achieved major breakthroughs in core technologies in key areas and become a front runner among innovative countries.




    Build China into a country strong in culture, education, talent, sports and health. The well-rounded development of the person and public civility will be significantly enhanced. China’s cultural soft power will grow much stronger.




    We should further implement in a coordinated way the strategy of fully building a modernized socialist China, deepening all-round reform, advancing law-based governance in all fields, and exercising full and rigorous governance over the Party.




    We should remain committed to the underlying principles of making advances while ensuring stable performance, pursue high-quality development as a priority, carry out the main task of deepening supply-side structural reforms, turn reform and innovation into the primary driving force, and achieve our goal of meeting the people’s increasing needs for a better life.




    We should be people-centered in our work, apply the new development philosophy, further deepen reform and opening up, and take a systemic approach to all our endeavors.




    The industrial foundation will be significantly upgraded and the industrial chain considerably modernized.




    A high-standard market system will take general shape. Market entities will be more motivated. Major advances will be made in the reform of the property rights system and the market-based allocation of factors of production; the system for fair competition will be further improved, and a new open economic system of higher standard will basically be in place.




    Public civility will be further enhanced. The core socialist values will take root in people’s minds, the ethical standards, the scientific literacy and cultural literacy as well as the physical and mental health of our people will all be significantly improved. The public cultural services and cultural sector will be further enhanced. Intellectual and cultural activities of the people will be further enriched, the international appeal of Chinese culture will be further enhanced, and the cohesion of the Chinese nation further strengthened.

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