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摘要: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s Regular Press Conference on May 15, 2015


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying’s Regular Press Conference on May 15, 2015




Q: China, Japan and the ROK held the third counter-terrorism consultation in Beijing today. Please tell us more about the arrangement and agenda of this consultation. In which areas will the three countries cooperate to combat terrorism?




A: As agreed by foreign ministries of the three countries, the third counter-terrorism consultation was held in Beijing today. The three countries exchanged views on the international and regional situation of counter-terrorism, respective conditions and policies of counter-terrorism, combating cyber terrorism, uprooting extremism and other topics.




This trilateral consultation is an important step to implement the consensus reached by foreign ministers of China, Japan and the ROK during their seventh meeting last March. This consultation will advance the policy dialogue and pragmatic cooperation among the three countries on counter-terrorism and add new contents to trilateral cooperation.




Q: Nicos Anastasiades, the head of the Greek Cypriots, met with Mustafa Akinci, the new Turkish Cypriot leader On May 11. An official meeting will be held between the two leaders on May 15 to resume political negotiations on the Cyprus problem. How does China comment on this progress?




A: We have noted the positive progress concerning the resumption of negotiations on the Cyprus problem, and welcome the meeting between the two leaders. China commends the efforts by the UN and the international community to resolve this problem, and supports a just and reasonable settlement of the Cyprus problem following relevant UN resolutions, as well as all peaceful efforts conducive to resolving the problem. It is believed that any solution to this problem should meet the interests of the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots. We hope that the two sides would make good use of this opportunity, narrow differences through negotiations, and strive for a mutually acceptable solution. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China is willing to play a positive role to this end.




Q: According to media reports, two shells fired from Myanmar fell in Zhenkang county, Lincang city of Yunnan Province last night and caused injuries. Please confirm this and give us more details. Has China lodged representations with Myanmar?




A: We have taken note of the relevant report and are checking on this. Conflicts in the Kokang area of Northern Myanmar have lasted for over three months, during which multiple shells fired by the Myanmar side fell into China and put the life and property security of the Chinese people as well as stability of the China-Myanmar border area in great danger. The Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction over this, and has solemnly required the Myanmar side to take effective measures to preclude similar incidents. We urge relevant parties to cool down the situation and restore peace and stability to Northern Myanmar at an early date. China reserves the right to make further response in light of the verification result.




Q: US Secretary of State John Kerry is about to visit China. Do you have any comment on this? What will be discussed between the two sides? What message will China send to the US?




A: US Secretary of State John Kerry will be in China tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for a visit. The two sides will exchange in-depth views on bilateral relations and issues of common interest. As two major countries with great influence in the world, China and the US share common interests on many issues. It is believed that sincere discussions would be held on a wide range of topics during the visit.




Q: According to media reports, Philippine chief of armed forces Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang yesterday welcomed a possible deployment of US navy aircraft and vessels in the South China Sea, saying that the US plan would help restore stability to the contested waters and that there might be the possibility of Philippine troops joining their American counterparts. The Philippines will focus its attention on developing the Ulugan Bay and the naval base in Palawan so that when US ships patrol, they have a place to dock. Do you have any response to this?




A: We have taken note of the report. China has expressed grave concern about the relevant remarks made by the US, and enunciated China’s position. It seems to me that some people in the Philippines have been overactive recently. They echo with some people from some other country to hype up the China threat and create tensions in the region. The performance, eye-catching as it is, cannot blind people to the fact that the current situation in the South China Sea is generally stable. China and most ASEAN countries are devoted to handling the South China Sea issue and safeguarding freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and regional peace and stability through the "dual-track" approach. Borrowing other’s power, the Philippines keeps taking provocative measures that complicate and escalate the disputes in disregard of the common interests of regional countries. China is determined to maintain national sovereignty and rights and interests, and will firmly respond to all provocations.




Q: According to the Brazilian side, Premier Li Keqiang will visit the country soon and China will invest US$ 50 billion in Brazil. How do you comment on this?




A: We have noted such reports. I am not aware of the specifics. I’d like to point you to the relevant companies and commercial and financial institutions for the specifics. Both China and Brazil are significant emerging markets, boasting enormous potentials in economic win-win cooperation and trade and facing new opportunities. Companies and financial institutions from the two countries are keenly interested in enhancing cooperation with each other. China supports the business and financial sectors from China and Brazil in stepping up cooperation and seeking common development. Premier Li Keqiang will soon kick off a visit to Brazil, during which he will exchange views with the Brazilian leaders on deepening political mutual trust and elevating the pragmatic cooperation in various fields. We are convinced that this visit would instill new and powerful impetus to the mutually beneficial cooperation in economy and trade between the two countries.





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